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Welcome to Queen®

Queen® is beautiful and lasting cut flowers and potted plants of kalanchoe in many different colours. Made in Denmark and refined since 1939. Known for their beautiful appearance and long durability. Be inspired here if you want to work in a both simple and creative way with Queen®.
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Beautiful bouquets lasting one week after the other

Queen® cut flowers radiate luxury and decadence - at least until they start to droop.
Thanks to the pioneering innovation from Queen® we can offer you a flower bouquet with 3 weeks of flowering guaranteed.

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Flowers and sustainability go hand in hand

Business has to make sense, and it only does so if taking responsibility for the environment, the employees and society. Green production and happy employees are among the initiatives that give flowers and bottom line a deeper meaning according to us.

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Proudly crafted since 1939

Nothing can match the skill of a dedicated craftsman when cultivating strong and healthy plants. At Queen® we have worked hard to maintain our proud craftsman's tradition since the founding of out nursery in 1939.

Step back in time

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