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Sustainable production

The environment is top of mind for us at Queen®. We do our best to minimise our impact on our surroundings and optimise work conditions for our employees.

In line with our environmental policy, we focus on:

- Minimising our energy consumption: Our well-insulated greenhouses and low-energy lighting have reduced our energy consumption considerably. Among other initiatives to improve our energy efficiency, we are now investigating how to store excess summer heat for use during the winter.

- Optimising our processes: Biological sand filters enable us to purify and recycle water used in fertilising. A 9,000m3 rainwater tank meets all our irrigation needs, minimising our burden on the local water supply. Free of sodium and chloride, rainwater is also best suited to our plants.

- Employing biological control: We use biological methods to combat pests and plant diseases and contribute to a pleasant working environment for our employees. This is a both environmental and rational choice, as kalanchoe do not tolerate most pesticides. Good hygiene and cleanliness help prevent the spread of disease.

Solar penals

Queen® has found that green technology is good for the environment and for business. Apart from an anticipated 30% reduction in the heating bill, the plant nursery has gained many other benefits since lining the roof of a 3,400m2 test greenhouse with solar panels this summer. 

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Banker plants

As the world's biggest kalanchoe manufacturer, we make continuous efforts to minimise our use of chemicals by employing biological methods for combating disease and pests. Some of our most important tools for this purpose are so-called 'banker plants', which we produce here at the nursery.

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MPS certified

Sustainability and profitable business go hand-in-hand at Queen®, where continuous improvements in respect of the environment are documented and reported every month. The monthly reports are sent to Milieu Project Sierteelt (MPS), founded in 1993 to ensure a better image for the international horticulture sector.

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