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At Queen®, we have more than 50 years of experience at developing unique products that meet the needs of modern consumers.
Our products stand out for their excellent shelf-life, perfectly formed and large flowers in bright vibrant colours and the highest ethylene tolerance on the market.

Thank You! Let’s grow together in 2018...

As the holiday season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those who have helped to shape and develop our business. It’s been quite a year for us all!

We hope that 2017 has been just as memorable for you, your colleagues and your loved ones. We look forward to working with you in the years to come.

Queen® Genetics Concept

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Queen® Gentics Concept


Exposure to ethylene gas is a well-known problem for flowering plants. The ornamental value of plants usually falls when they are placed close to fruit and vegetables, were ethylene levels are particularly high.

We have therefore devoted considerable efforts to developing natural ethylene-resistant varieties, and to adapting the product to any given point of sale (POS) in today’s highly competitive retail environment.

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Queen® Kalanchoe Cuttings

Breeding and Innovation
Our innovation team works hard to constantly improve our high quality assortment and to secure optimal growing habits.

Minimum 6 weeks flowering
All varieties are subject to life testing to ensure a minimum longevity of 6 weeks, setting new standards on the market.

Ethylene tolerant
Queen® is the only breeder offering a unique assortment of ethylene tolerant Kalanchoes.

Optimal growth habits and uniform appearance
The Queen® Assortment is known for perfectly formed large flowers in bright vibrant colors and succulent green foliage.

Queen® CutFlowers

New, award winning cut flower innovation
The first cut Kalanchoe and IPM novelty prize winner. Available in six colors, all year.

Minimum 3 weeks flowering
With a minimum of 3 weeks flowering, Queen® CutFlowers have set a stunning, new standard for the longevity in the cut flowers category.

Breeding and ethylene tolerance
All varieties are patented by Queen® and the assortment is continuously developed through new colors and improved varieties to ensure superior quality. All varieties selected to breeding are ethylene tolerant.

Antiseptic flowers
Queen® CutFlowers have an antiseptic effect that keeps the water, in a vase, clean. No water exchange needed.

Queen® Outdoor

  • Proven to withstand all whether elements; Rain, drought, wind, shade or full sun.

  • No pinching required; the flowers keep on blooming naturally.

  • Thrive at temperatures of 5-30 degrees Celsius, but cannot tolerate frost.

Queen® Green

  • Ethylene tolerant green Kalanchoe succulents, known for their naturally long shelf life.

  • Queen® Green requires only sparse watering and little exposure to light.

  • Provides an interesting alternative to the colorful flowering assortment.

Queen® Roses

  • Superior longevity and ornamental value

  • Reduced need for chemical growth regulation

  • Low water consumption

Queen® Asters

  • Superior keeping quality and ethylene tolerance

  • Enhanced plant volume, fewer cuttings per pot

  • Large flowers in vibrant long-lasting colors

Queen® Chrysanthemum

  • Cultivation with reduced need for chemical growth regulation.

  • Optimal plant quality, throughout the season.

  • Superior longevity and ornamental value.

Queen® Euphorbia Milii  

  • Compact, well branched growth and appearance.

  • Limited chemical growth regulation, leading to improved keeping quality.

  • Large flowers in vibrant long-lasting colors.

Trusted Quality

We offer weekly door-to-door deliveries via our agents as well as growth and after-sales support tailored to the needs and require­ments at your facilities.
Please feel free to contact us for individual recommendations.

Queen® Genetics

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