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Beautiful bouquets lasting one week after the other

Our cut flowers have the same characteristics that you might know from our potted plants. Thanks to many years of improvement, these beautiful and extremely long-lived flowers are now on the market. We guarantee 3 weeks of flowering, but the colourful flowers often live even longer.  

Spoil yourself with a beautiful bouquet or offer it to someone you love! 


Queen® cut flowers come in two different types of packaging. The vase-like packaging is perfectly suited as a hostess gift, being available in a moisture-keeping packaging and wrapped in cellophane. 

Furthermore, the product is available with less stems packed in a small bag.

Simple and elegant 

If you place Queen® cut flowers in beautiful, tall bottles or vases they will serve elegantly as decorations on your dinner table.
You can also place one single stem in small groups of vases instead. Only your imagination sets the limits.

Beautiful flowers for weeks

Queen® have set new standards for how long a bouquet can hold and we guarantee 3 weeks of flowering.







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Week 2







Week 3


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